Worker’s Compensation

The Caputo Group’s worker’s compensation insurance solutions are unmatched in value and service. We promise accessible rates and superior coverage through our privately managed worker’s compensation insurance providers, many of which are the best carries on the market. Our team applies over 20 years of experience and resources to provide responsive claim service, expert advice, and supportive services to mitigate risk and liability. We make it easy and affordable to get the coverage you and your employees need.

Our Services

 ✔ Finding / Obtaining Coverage

 ✔ Payment Processing

 ✔ Pay Deposits

✔ Return To Work Program

✔ Loss Control

✔ OSHA Compliance

✔ Claims Processing/Management

✔ Supply Injury Report Forms

✔ Contractual Liability

Client Story

An employee in Arkansas suffered an amputation of one of his fingers while at work. The client reported the injury to The Caputo Group, and together we were able to get the injured worker to the nearest hospital immediately. Because the worker suffered an amputation, the incident had to be reported to OSHA within 24 hours after it occurred. Our client and the carrier’s Safety Services department conducted accident investigations, and the findings were submitted to OSHA. After conducting their own investigation, OSHA sent the client and The Caputo Group a letter of appreciation highlighting our quick response to the incident, our willingness to investigate the accident, and taking the steps necessary to correct hazards and protect our employees from a similar incident in the future. Because of our dedication to our clients and our employees, we were able to accommodate the worker’s Modified Duty restrictions. The injured employee has since returned to Regular Duty.

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