Retirement Plans For Small Businesses Made Easy

Get streamlined 401(k) benefits for your employees
that meet state mandates and save you money.

Have you heard? Small businesses in a growing number of states from Oregon, Washington and California to Connecticut, Illinois and Massachusetts are now responsible for providing retirement plans for their employees.

Many owners, like yourself, have reached out to us worried about the added responsibility and looking for solutions.

In response, we’ve partnered with expert retirement providers, Slavic 401k, to help small businesses with 0-200 employees stay compliant, avoid fees, and provide top notch retirement benefits to their employees, including in the often overlooked agriculture and manufacturing sectors.
The deadlines for enrollment are approaching fast. We offer an exciting pooled employee plan that provides you high quality, customizable retirement plans your employees will appreciate at a competitive price without the administrative burden of doing it alone.


We’ll take this off your plate. It’s our job to stay on top of requirements and to keep you informed. As with all our offerings, we reduce or entirely remove most administrative duties so you can focus on growth.

Robust Benefit Options

You can offer your employees enticing retirement savings plans equal to benefits at larger companies. In most cases, your team can contribute to a Roth IRA and a 401k with pre and post-tax options with a choice in investments.


We can answer questions and assist you regardless of your interest in a PEO. Wondering how PEOs help small businesses? Check out our PEO guide.

What's included?

  • Prism Employee Portal – Integration means all needed retirement info, paystubs, updating withholdings and more are available from a single sign on in a system you and your staff already use.
  • Financial Experts – Weekly portfolio analysis at your employees’ fingertips, or available any time on demand.
  • Choice of Portfolio Mix – Staff select the mix of IRA, 401K, markets, and indexes that makes sense for them (and can update at any time).
  • More for Tomorrow – Higher annual investment caps for 401k plans allow owners and staff alike to save for their future at their pace.
  • Trusted Advisors – 30+ years of experience available through Slavic; enjoy your investment strategy, hands-on or bespoke, knowing you are in good hands.
  • Tailored Retention Benefits – Company owners can elect contribution match, profit sharing, or bonus options that fit their business.
  • Tax Benefits and Potential Savings – Up to $5000 business tax credit in first three years of initiation of 401K plan for qualifying business. Ample personal tax benefits to share with staff.

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We handle your administrative responsibilities so you can focus on what you love.
We handle your administrative responsibilities
so you can focus on what you love.