How to Avoid Dressing Too Casual for Work


When working for a business that has an everyday casual dress code, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are dressed appropriately. It can be easy to get carried away with dressing casual for work because you get so comfortable with it. Here are some examples of what not to wear and a good alternative to wear instead:

Skin Tight Clothing

Clothes Too Tight for Work

Politically or Morally Offensive Clothing

Feel free to represent your favorite team, but please limit your graphic clothing to solely sports teams-no political, inappropriate sayings or religious clothing.

Clothes Too Offensive for Work

Extremely Low Cut Tops

Showing an excessive amount of cleavage is seen as unprofessional.

Clothes Too Low Cut for Work

See-Through Clothing

Visible underwear or nipples are a major no in the workplace!

Clothes With Too Much Mesh for Work

Shorts or Skirts That Are Too Short

It’s best to not exceed shorter than one inch above your knee.

Clothes Too Short for Work

Worn Out or Stained Clothing

Your college shirt you’ve had for twenty years is visibly very worn, save that for a weekend at home.

Clothes With Too Many Stains for Work

Cropped Tops Showing Midriff

You’ve been working out and your abs are looking good, but you still want to keep them covered while you’re at work.

Midriff Clothing Not Appropriate for Work

Thin Strapped or Muscle Tank Tops

Suns out guns out, just not while at work!

Tank Top Clothing Not Appropriate for Work

Gym and Athletic Clothing

If you can run a 5K in it, it’s most likely not work appropriate.

Athletic Clothing Not Appropriate for Work

Pajamas and Slippers

Even though we all want to be comfortable at work, please leave the PJs and slippers at home.

Pajama Clothing Not Appropriate for Work

*A good rule of thumb is if you have to ask yourself “can I get away with wearing this?”, then the answer is probably a no.

Even if your work environment is casual, it’s important to take pride in your appearance. You are representing the company you work for and want to do so well, if you make sure you are always dressed appropriately, that will come easily for you!

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