Spring Cleaning for Your Business


The cherry trees are blooming, the days are getting longer, April is officially here, and with it, Spring cleaning. While many people focus on their homes, here are some tips to spruce up your business. 

1. Tidy up your tax documents: Many people see filing their business taxes as one of the most dreaded aspects of owning a small business. Organizing your tax documents and business expenses will help make filing less painful. Programs like QuickBooks are easy to use and help keep you organized.


2. Update your mailing list- and use it: Are you communicating with your clients and customers regularly? If so, now is a great time to clean up your mailing lists. Take a few minutes to add new clients to your mailing list or e-newsletter and clear out any old or outdated contacts. If you are not currently staying in contact with your customers, spring is a great time to start! Newsletters are great, but a simple email with a coupon or invitation to an upcoming event works well too.


3. Clear the dust off your website and social media channels: Has your website remained untouched since you had it designed last year? Now is the perfect time to freshen it up and make any necessary updates. A blog post on new service offerings, images about your newest product, or updating your homepage to better reflect your brand are all helpful ways to update your website. All of this applies to your social media platforms as well. If you’ve been too busy to post, take an hour or two to share some photos or information about any upcoming events with your followers. Websites and social media platforms can help drive business-but not if they’re stagnant.

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