With a friendly team that recognizes the importance of efficiency, The Caputo Group provides personalized operations services to ensure you feel confident every step of the way. Our dedicated team travels and serves clients throughout multiple states, staying connected to deliver employee payments in the most convenient manner possible. By processing payroll, taxes, human resources, and workman’s compensation, you can spend more time focusing on the day to day operations that lead to your company’s success.

Our Services

✔ Payroll Processing

✔ Creation and Distribution of Annual Tax Forms

✔ Reporting and Payment of Multiple State Taxes

✔ Reporting and Filing of Workplace Injuries

✔ Support in Creating Employee Handbooks

✔ Real Person Support and Communication

Client Story

On one occasion we had an employee that was new to the area, and he didn’t have a smartphone to pull up a list of check cashing options. We were able to find his location and gave him multiple options over the phone, but he wasn’t able to use any of these options. We then reached out to one of our Sales Representatives near that location. The Sales Rep. met with the manager of the client’s company in person to cash the check and ensure this employee did not have to go another day without getting paid. This is just one example of the way our team strives to go above and beyond for our clients.

More Than Just Operations

Human Resources

A unified solution means a better experience for you and a better experience for your employees.

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Workers Compensation

Our worker’s compensation insurance solutions are unmatched in value and service.

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As businesses grow, their compliance needs quickly change.

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