It’s Monday morning. You wake up, do your daily morning routine, clock in for work, sit at your desk for hours, attend long meetings, clock out from work, go home and then start all over the next day. But where’s the fun?… No fun? Wow, your life is rough!

Dogs are fun! Today, corporate companies are allowing their employees to bring their dogs to work. Although dogs are meant to be at home, they can be very beneficial to the workplace and add a lot of positive energy. Why settle for a basic workday when you can have your day filled with love, joy, and furriness?

Bringing your dog to work probably sounds strange, and maybe even a little unprofessional but, it can boost the productivity of your workplace and add a bit of cuteness to your day. Introducing your furry little friend to the office can lighten the mood, reduce stress, increase productivity, help with team building and recruiting, and it encourages healthy living. It can also make your day go by so much faster, time flies when you’re having fun!

Sitting at your desk for hours can make your day longer but taking breaks to play with the office dogs motivates you, clears your mind and surprisingly, they’ll even help you get your work done. Hey, dogs are employees too and they love working for free. We all have tough work days but no one should ever feel stressed or overwhelmed, there should always be some excitement to keep you going, thankfully office dogs are the perfect solution.

Before you bring your dogs to work, there are a couple of things you should consider. Check with your employees to make sure they are not allergic or scared of dogs. Your dog must be well behaved and trained, they must be contained and cannot escape and be sure to provide food, water, etc. for them.

As for employers, having dog-friendly policies is highly recommended if you are going to allow your employees to bring their dogs to the office. Employees are 100% responsible for their dog’s well-being and biological needs. They must be up to date on vaccinations, parasite-free, and obedient. They also should not exhibit any aggressive behavior or inhibit work productivity of coworkers.

For employees that would like to bring their furry friends to work, they should sign the waiver of liability, follow the policy, and then introduce the fluffiest new hire to the team!

Check out our dog-friendly policy for more information.