Human Resources

We take pride in customizing our HR processes for each and every client. As your business changes, The Caputo Group changes with you. Rather than send you a piece of paper on how to do the job, we’ll provide custom strategies and answers you can trust, protecting your business, your people, and your future. Delivering HR in a unified solution means a better experience for you—and a better experience for your employees.

Our Services

✔ Employee Handbook and Policy Compliance

✔ Job Description Analysis

✔ Legal State and Federal Compliance

✔ Recruitment Assistance

✔ Employee Relations

Client Story

I recall a client that was in urgent need of some guidance with regards to hiring and company restructuring. They had experienced turnover in some key positions and needed to quickly hire some new people, update old job descriptions, and create new job descriptions for new positions while still managing and running their business.

We were able to update their older job descriptions, recommend and create new job descriptions for needed positions, write the advertising for the positions, and manage the job postings. We took control of the recruitment process by screening new applicants for the client, thus allowing them time to manage their business.

Not only were we able to fill their openings quickly, but by updating job descriptions their business ran more smoothly. Employee satisfaction increased due to having the right people in the right positions, as job expectations were clearly defined. Now any time they have a hiring need, they give us a call.

More Than Just Human Resources

Workers Compensation

Our worker’s compensation insurance solutions are unmatched in value and service.

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As businesses grow, their compliance needs quickly change.

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Our top priority is to provide you with precise and timely financials in the most efficient manner possible.

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