As businesses grow, their compliance needs quickly change. The Caputo Group encourages such development by providing full service compliance solutions to companies throughout their entire lifecycle, from startup to statewide proportions.

Our Services

✔ Our expert regulatory compliance team analyzes both state and federal regulatory prerequisites

✔ We Assist in meeting regulatory burdens,

✔ We Provide training and instruction on current and future requirements.

✔ We Provide your company with the technology, intelligence, and support you need to thrive in an increasingly complex regulatory environment

✔ Your risks diminish in the process.

Client Story

There are many instances where we have been able to have a significant impact for our clients.  Everything from terminating a difficult employee and helping them transition to their next opportunity, to creating a safe and pleasant work environment from an unsafe and stressful workplace with training and communication – we’ve done it all. By helping the client maintain quality employees, we save money with better worker’s compensation ratings and reduced turnover.  When providing these services, our clients enjoy their passion and remain free of distraction due to the worries that come with having employees.

More Than Just Compliance Services


Our top priority is to provide you with precise and timely financials in the most efficient manner possible.

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Personalized operations services to ensure you feel confident every step of the way.

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Human Resources

A unified solution means a better experience for you and a better experience for your employees.

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